Everything is a vibration. Even every cell in the human body has its own vibration. Sometimes, however, the vibrations in the body get into dissonance, which a person feels as stress, anxiety, illness, pain, etc. In order for a person to tune and harmonize again, therapeutic tuning forks are used.

Therapeutic tuning forks are divided into acoustic and vibrational. Acoustic ones are intended for listening, and vibrating ones are applied directly to the body, where they cause vibration. They are mostly made of aluminum, brass or steel. However, there are also gold-plated or crystal ones.

If the frequency or vibration of the tuning fork comes into contact with a living organism, complex electrical and phonon interactions occur that affect tissues and all cells in the body. Just as a musical instrument is tuned, it is therefore possible to tune a living organism. This is a non-invasive way to restore the correct rhythm and bring the body back into balance.

Each tuning fork has a different frequency, which is indicated in Hz. Its vibrations can have a positive effect on various organs in the body, DNA, nerves, chakras or brain waves. When using therapeutic tuning forks, there is also an increased production of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body, which has a positive effect on the human organism. It affects the function of all body organs, relaxes and expands blood vessels and thus helps to regulate blood flow to every part of the body. There is also increased cell vitality, which is the basis of anti-aging.

Part of the therapy with tuning forks is also the so-called combing of the client’s biofield created by Eileen Day McKusick . Every person has a space around their body in which all their repressed traumas are stored. This is electromagnetic space, the so-called etheric body. It is possible to imagine it as tree rings or an aura. In this space, there are fragments of our soul called biophotons that we had to separate from ourselves during our entire life, because the situations we went through were too painful for us. With the help of a tuning fork, it is possible to return these biophotons to the body, which then manifests itself as greater lightness, improved mood, a surge of energy, an overall different outlook on life or the removal of pain.

How does the therapy look like? A fully dressed client lies down on a massage table. Then he listens to the sound of the acoustic tuning forks with his eyes closed and lets his thoughts flow. He concentrates only on his breath and the sound of the tuning forks. This way a client gets into a deep relaxation. After that, the client’s biofield is combed with acoustic and vibrational tuning forks, during which the client is invited by the therapist to continuously share what qualities he feels in the body at that given moment and how he feels overall.

Therapy with tuning forks helps to restore inner balance, quieten and calm the mind, increase energy, raise Consciousness to higher frequencies, release mental and physical tension, improve physical difficulties and grounding. Combing the biofield then leads to the correction of traumatic experiences from the past, experiencing feelings of happiness and lightness, removing blocked energy in the biofield and removing pain. Tuning forks can therefore be linked to craniosacral biodynamics where different frequencies are used at the beginning and then at the end of a therapy. Tuning forks can relax the client and prepare him for craniosacral biodynamic therapy. At the end, on the contrary, they gently bring him back to himself.