My name is Iveta Hankova. The decision to devote myself to the study of craniosacral biodynamics came to me during a stay in the dark room that took a week. At that time, I myself had been attending craniosacral biodynamics for the second year and I knew from my own experience about its positive and even miraculous effects on the human body.

So I signed up for a professional training at the Institute of Craniosacral Biodynamics with Abha Sajwel, who brought her knowledge all the way from India and Germany and has been passing it on in the Czech Republic for many years. After two years, I successfully completed the training and received a certificate.

During the study of craniosacral biodynamics, therapeutic tuning forks caught my attention and they perfectly complemented it. Tuning forks completely enchanted me and became an inseparable part of my life. Therefore, my collection is constantly expanding with new additions. I attended two seminars called The Power of Healing Sounds with Karla Tomiss Bartikova. Then I went through intensive Foundations Training of Biofield Tuning under the baton of Eileen Day McKusick, who developed a method of combing the human biofield with a tuning fork.